Business Process Review

The Case for an effective Busines Process Review

When looking for an ERP Solution to meet your current and future needs, you must first gather as much information as possible to realise just what those needs are. A detailed Business Process Review would give clarity to the requirements of each department and function across your business, along with identifying the integration requirements between departments, roles and functions. Any ERP solution you choose should not only fit your current processes, but more importantly it should enhance and improve upon current processes and have the flexibility to adapt as your business needs change.

Business Process Review (BPR)

Like any good implementation – should always start with a Business Process Review. Essentially, you want to have a defined Roadmap to Success for your Dynamics 365 Implementation. BPR’s are mainly requested for key aeras such as:

  • Project Costs & Budgets
  • Implementation Scoping process
  • Workflow instruction for a holistic end-to-end view of the project
  • Continuous process improvement pla

Many companies will look to replace or upgrade their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems due to several factors – whether it is no longer supported, running on outdated versions, is too slow or has outgrown the business needs and doesn’t support the company growth and expansion plans, along with the myriad of challenges which these present – are all key factors which will ultimately drive the Solution exploration journey for any ERP Project.

At Simply Dynamics, the key aim of our business process review services is to take a closer look at every area of the business, every detail of daily tasks and any associated risk factors. By doing this, the real expectations of what the ERP system can do will be set. This will help in the long run to engage end-users in realistically using the solution and support the user-adoption process.

Business Process Review